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Welcome to the Civil Litigation Services at Primus Solicitors.

Leading Civil Litigation Lawyers in Manchester.

Commercial Litigation Excellence: Safeguarding Your Business Interests.

Navigating Property Disputes: Addressing Real Estate Legal Concerns.

Rectifying Housing Disrepair Claims: Pursuing Compensation for Property Predicaments.

Pursuing Justice and Compensation for Criminal Injuries.

Diverse Civil Litigation Spectrum.

Elevate Your Civil Litigation Experience with Primus Solicitors.


Civil Litigation Services at Primus Solicitors

Manchester’s Leading Civil Lawyers

Welcome to Primus Solicitors Civil Litigation sector, your trusted destination for comprehensive civil lawyers and litigation services in Manchester. Our team of seasoned solicitors is proficient across a spectrum of civil litigation domains and is primed to assist you in efficiently resolving legal conflicts. With an unwavering focus on advocating for our clients and delivering tailored legal remedies, we are steadfastly dedicated to securing the most favourable outcomes.


Commercial Litigation – Safeguarding Your Business Interests

At Primus our adept Civil lawyers possess an extensive grasp of business disputes and are adept at guiding you through intricate legal landscapes of commercial law. Ranging from contract disputes to partnership conflicts and intellectual property challenges, we dispense strategic counsel and representation to shield your business interests, culminating in an advantageous and favourable resolution.


Property Disputes – Addressing Real Estate Legal Concerns

If you find yourself embroiled in a property disagreement, look no further than Primus Solicitors for expert legal representation. Our solicitors bring to the table an expansive wealth of experience in handling property-linked concerns, inclusive of landlord-tenant conflicts, boundary disputes, and disagreements concerning property ownership or development. We wholeheartedly commit to safeguarding your rights and stake, working relentlessly to achieve an equitable and satisfactory settlement.


Housing Disrepair Claims  -Compensation for Property Predicaments

Should housing disrepair challenges come knocking, our dedicated Civil lawyers are ready to champion your cause for compensation. With a proven track record in managing housing disrepair claims, we decisively uphold the rights of tenants and ensure that landlords meet their legal obligations. Our accomplished team will meticulously assess the extent of disrepair, compile compelling evidence that favours and enhances your case, and deftly navigate you through the legal labyrinth to secure fitting remedies and compensation.


 Criminal Injuries – Pursuing Justice and Compensation

In the event of injuries stemming from criminal activities, Primus Solicitors stands as your pillar of support in seeking both justice and compensation. Our compassionate Civil lawyers have a wealth of experience in handling criminal injury claims, adeptly guiding you through the intricate legal terrain. Our efforts extend to constructing a robust case, as we earnestly strive to ensure that you receive rightful and fair compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial aftermath of the criminal incident.


Diverse Civil Litigation Spectrum

Beyond the realms of commercial litigation, property disputes, housing disrepair claims, and criminal injuries, our civil litigation solicitors extend their expertise across a broad array of civil litigation matters. Be it contractual disputes, claims of negligence, cases of defamation, or quandaries related to professional negligence, we command the proficiency and knowledge to offer adept legal representation and guidance.


Elevate Your Civil Litigation Experience with Primus Solicitors

At Primus Solicitors, our commitment resonates with safeguarding your rights, resolving legal conflicts, and securing favourable resolutions across litigation cases. Our team of expert Civil Litigation lawyers in Manchester are equipped to provide you with impeccable legal representation, bespoke counsel, and strategic solutions tailored to your unique circumstances and specific cases.

Get in touch today to embark on a journey that includes a cost-free initial assessment and a comprehensive consultation. Let Primus Solicitors Civil Litigation lawyers shepherd you through the intricacies of litigation law, ensuring your interests remain safeguarded at all times.

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