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Sponsor Licence Renewal Abolishment | 2024 UK Immigration

Sponsor Licence Renewal abolished

Sponsor Licence Renewals Home Office has recently announced that From April 6th 2024 the sponsor licence renewal requirement will be abolished. Sponsor licence renewals have been a staple in the UK’s immigration system as they mandate businesses to periodically renew their ability to sponsor international labour. This process ensures that businesses continue to meet the Home Office’s stringent […]

UK Skilled Worker & Family Visas Implementation Timeline 2024


Recent & Yet To Be Implemented Immigration Rule Changes Timeline 2024 2024 is bringing significant changes to the UK immigration rules affecting skilled workers, family visas, and employer sponsorships. Key Dates For UK Immigration Changes 2024 Date of Change  Description January 1, 2024 Amendments to UK Student Visa regulations now prohibit the majority of international […]