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How Does Deportation Work In The UK?

The legal system for deportation in the UK is complex and intricate, often included with criminal law. One of the common grounds for deportation is having criminal convictions, which can trigger a deportation order against foreign nationals,  non-British citizens and illegal immigrants.

At Primus Solicitors we believe in complete transparency when it comes to costs related to immigration deportation. We aim to provide you with a clear pricing structure, designed to be straightforward and affordable, with no hidden charges.

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What Is The Official Deportation Process?

The official deportation process in the UK is a structured legal procedure governed by the UK immigration laws.

Here’s a simplified step-by-step outline of the process:

During the deportation process, individuals must report to an Immigration Reporting Centre periodically, as stipulated by the Home Office. This phase can be overwhelming and stressful; hence, having a legal ally in Primus Solicitors is crucial.

Challenge Your Deportation Notice

Key Steps in the UK Deportation Process

Seeking Legal Help For a UK Deportation Appeal?

Here’s How Primus Can Help with Your Deportation Case

Legal Consultation

Understand the intricacies of your Deportation case and the legal options available to you.

Deportation Representation

Guiding you in making appeal submissions against the deportation order, ensuring that you have a fair chance of legal representation. 

Deportation Appeals

Assist you with Constructing a strong Deportation Appeal.

Is There A Difference Between Voluntary Departure & Deportation

Voluntary Departure vs Deportation

Understanding the distinction between voluntary departure and deportation is crucial as it affects your immigration record and future possibilities of returning to the UK.

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Why Choose Primus Solicitors As Your Deportation Solicitors?

With a dedicated team of immigration deportation lawyers, Primus Solicitors offers personalised legal services tailored to meet your unique needs. We uphold a client-centric approach, ensuring you receive the precise legal guidance required to overcome the complexities of the deportation process.

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Don’t face the challenges of Immigration Removal alone. Reach out to Primus Solicitors for professional guidance and Legal representation. Our team of immigration deportation lawyers are ready to assist you every step of the way.

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Alwand Alwand
Alwand Alwand
Great Solisitor Mr Kashif also staff very friendly
Marvellous Chimboza
Marvellous Chimboza
Very professional, very efficient - Thanks Asrar for helping me get my visa
Sarxel Mhamad
Sarxel Mhamad
Very satisfied by services provided by this office.
Nuredin Edris
Nuredin Edris
Asrar Bashir he is a very helpful with fast response with any questions I have. I recommend you to anyone need solicitor. thanks
Amer Bajwa
Amer Bajwa
Our Family was threaten by Social Services for the past one year, We arrive in the UK 3 years ago so we weren't aware about our rights, they used to say they will remove our children from Us. We were going through a lot of pressure. We travelled to Pakistan and they took us to the court for removal of our children. Than luckily We met Helen Lee and everything changed. She stood with us she Fought for us and helped us a lot. She Protected us from them and we are living with our children happily. She is our Saviour, We will always remember her in our prayers. She is a Lovely person and a great Professional lawyer.
zana rasuli
zana rasuli
My asylum claim had been on going for 3 years, i had many solicitors before coming here and they didnt do a good job. Asrar is a good solicitor and he spent time preparing my bundle and eventually after 3 long year my refugee status got granted. thank you again
zainab yaqoob
zainab yaqoob
Helen Lee is one of the kind heart person I have ever met, she helped me a lot and motivated me and gave me courage to fight. Thanks
Ropo Ojo
Ropo Ojo
My sponsorship licence was granted within few weeks. Excellent work and superb support.
Chef Shamoon Barkat
Chef Shamoon Barkat
primus is the fantastic job

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