The EU Settlement Scheme| A Complete Guide

EU settlement scheme

Key Takeaways

Key Points Summary
Brexit Impact Brexit necessitates a new immigration status for EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens wishing to reside in the UK.
EU Settlement Scheme A mechanism to obtain either Settled or Pre-settled status, ensuring lawful residence in the UK.
Application Process A  process that with professional assistance is available for challenging scenarios. 
Long-term Residency Options  Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and British citizenship open up post-EU Settlement Scheme.

Understanding the EU Settlement Scheme – What Is It?

The EU Settlement Scheme is the UK government’s response to the immigration conundrum posed by Brexit. It offers a structured pathway for EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens to secure their immigration status in the UK. This scheme categorises applicants into two primary statuses: Settled and Pre-settled.

  • Settled Status: This status is for individuals who have been living in the UK for a continuous periodEU settlement scheme of five years. It allows them to stay in the UK indefinitely, with the opportunity to apply for British citizenship should they meet the other necessary criteria.
  • Pre-Settled Status: For those who haven’t lived in the UK for five years continuously, pre-settled status is the initial step. It grants them a 5-year stay in the UK, post which they can apply for settled status, provided they remain eligible.

Understanding the difference between these statuses and their eligibility criteria is crucial for applicants to ensure a smooth transition amidst the post-Brexit immigration changes. Moreover, individuals with family members also have the option to explore the EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit, which extends the benefits of this scheme to their close family members.

In this segment of our article we aim to have explained the basics of the EU Settlement Scheme, shedding light on the settled and pre-settled statuses, and offering a glimpse into the family permit option. As we delve deeper into the application process in the following section, we will explain the steps involved in securing their immigration status in the UK post-Brexit.

What Is The EU Settlement Scheme Application Process? – How Long Does It Take?

The process of applying to the EU Settlement Scheme is designed to be straightforward, yet it entails crucial steps that demand careful attention.

Below is an outline of the application process along with some key considerations:

  1. Eligibility Check:
    • Before initiating the application, it’s essential to ascertain your eligibility. The primary determinant is your nationality and the length of your residency in the UK.
  2. Document Preparation:
    • Gather all necessary documents including proof of identity, proof of residence, and any other documents pertinent to your application.
  3. Online Application:
    • The application is conducted online, where we will fill out the required information and upload your documents on your behalf (once instructed).
  4. Status Outcome:
    • Upon successful submission and review of your application, you’ll be granted either settled or pre-settled status based on your circumstances.
  5. Switching Statuses:
    • If initially granted pre-settled status, you can apply for settled status once you meet the five-year continuous residency requirement.

Moreover, for those with family members, the EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit is a viable option, facilitating family unity during this transition.

Important Aspects of the Application Process

Aspect Description
Eligibility Determined by nationality and length of residency in the UK.
Document Preparation Essential documents include proof of identity and proof of residence.
Contacting Primus Solicitors Reach out to Primus Solicitors for professional assistance throughout the application process.
Status Outcome Granted either settled or pre-settled status based on eligibility.
Switching Statuses Possible to switch from pre-settled to settled status upon meeting the residency requirement.

Are There Any Challenges In The EUSS? 

The journey through the EU Settlement Scheme application might present some hurdles. Common challenges include visa refusals and the need for appealing decisions. At Primus Solicitors, we specialise in guiding applicants through such challenges, offering tailored solutions.

Our Services For EUSS Visa Refusals Include:

  • Visa Refusal: Understanding the reasons behind a visa refusal and the steps to rectify or appeal the decision is crucial.
  • Appealing a Decision: In cases where an application is denied, knowing how to appeal the decision and the accompanying procedure is vital.

Beyond the EU Settlement Scheme – What Happens Next?

The EU Settlement Scheme is a pivotal step for EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens wishing to secure their immigration status in the UK post-Brexit. However, it’s not the end of the journey. There are pathways to further solidify one’s residency status or even attain British citizenship.

After Obtaining a settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme Individuals may Look To Apply for:

  • British Citizenship by Naturalisation: For those who have lived in the UK for several years and wish to make it their permanent home, applying for British citizenship by naturalisation is a viable next step.
  • Apply for ILR after 10 Years of Residency: Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) is another option after a decade of residency, providing the freedom to live, work, and study in the UK without immigration restrictions.

Pathways Beyond the EU Settlement Scheme

Pathway Description
British Citizenship by Naturalisation A step towards making the UK a permanent home after fulfilling the residency and other criteria.
Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) An option post a decade of residency, offering fewer immigration restrictions.


The EU Settlement Scheme is a well-structured response to the immigration challenges posed by Brexit, providing a framework for EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens to secure their immigration status in the UK. While the scheme offers a robust solution, the journey may present hurdles that require professional guidance.

At Primus Solicitors, we specialise in navigating the complexities of UK immigration laws, offering tailored solutions to meet individual needs. Whether you’re at the onset of your application or facing challenges along the way, our team of experts is here to assist.

For further assistance and to embark on a smooth application journey, contact us today and let our seasoned solicitors guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a favourable outcome.