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Pressure Sores

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Pressure Sore Negligence Claims: Information and Eligibility.

Our medical negligence compensation process.

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Pressure Sore Negligence Claims: Information and Eligibility

Pressure sores are a common injury that can develop on any part of the body where pressure is constantly applied, disrupting the flow of blood to the skin. Patients with health conditions requiring long periods of time in a wheelchair or confined to a bed or chair are most at risk of developing pressure sores. Medical carers and professionals are required to regularly check and treat these types of patients, so if you have suffered from pressure sores, it may be due to neglect on their part. Complications from pressure sores can include cellulitis, bone and joint infection, gas gangrene, and septicaemia (blood poisoning).


Our Pressure Sores negligence compensation process

Understanding the severity of the pressure sore is essential to receive the correct treatment and compensation for your suffering. Medical professionals categorise pressure sores based on four grades, ranging from discolouration of the skin to extensive dead body tissue (necrosis), which can cause extreme pain and even death.


Primus Solicitors is a leading UK-based law firm with medical negligence experts specialising in medical negligence claims, including pressure sores. Our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors, clinical negligence solicitors, and dental negligence solicitors are experienced in handling medical negligence claims, including delayed diagnosis compensation, care home negligence, and cosmetic surgery compensation claims.


We operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, meaning you won’t have to pay any legal costs if you don’t win your claim. To be eligible for a pressure sore claim, it must be established that the medical professional owed you a legal duty of care, which they breached as their level of care fell below the required standards, and you suffered an injury as a direct result of their negligence in making a medical misdiagnosis.


Providing us with medical records from the hospital that treated you can help improve your chances of proving that the medical professional was negligent. Compensation for pressure sore claims is usually split into general damages and special damages, depending on the severity of your injuries.


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