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Judicial Review Solicitors | A Complete Guide

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Table Of Contents Grasping the Basics of Judicial Review. How Primus Solicitors Can Help You Apply for a Judicial Review? Can I Start a Judicial Review? Navigating the Judicial Review Process: Timing and Limits. Exploring the Scope: Public Bodies Under Judicial Review. Grounds for Challenge: Understanding the Legal Basis. Illegality: Beyond the Boundaries of Authority. […]

Home Office Application Delays | Pre-Action Protocol 2023/24


Delays in Your Home Office Application: Understanding Pre-Action Protocols for Home Office Delays Recently, the Home Office has encountered significant delays in processing immigration applications. While they have cited reasons such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of Brexit, it remains crucial that every applicant’s case is handled fairly and lawfully. In this article, […]

Immigration Appeal | Dispute A Home Office decision 2023/24

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Key Takeaways Table Section Key Takeaways Introduction Understanding the nuances of immigration appeals is essential for navigating through the process. Understanding Immigration Appeals Appeals offer a chance to overturn visa or residency application refusals. Reasons Behind Visa Refusals Common reasons include missing documents and misunderstandings of eligibility criteria. The Appeal Process: A Step-by-Step Guide Navigating […]