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Immigration Appeal Solicitors | Appeal a Decision Today

How to Appeal a Visa Refusal | A Complete Guide Understanding Visa Refusals and Appeals Visa refusals can be disheartening, especially if you’ve already made plans that rely on your visa application being granted. When a visa application is refused, the decision can often be challenged, which provides the applicant a second chance to argue […]

Immigration Judicial Review 2024 | No Win No Fee Solicitors

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Immigration Judicial Review Applications  Judicial review is a crucial legal route that offers a pathway for individuals to appeal their case against decisions made by the Home Office that may be deemed unlawful. Introduction to Judicial Review (JR) Judicial review is a High Court procedure that challenges decisions made by Home Office, including immigration authorities. […]

Grounds for Refusal of a UK Immigration Application 2024 Explained

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Introduction At Primus Solicitors, with our expertise in UK immigration law, we can guide you through the intricate aspects of any UK Visa application process. In this article we aim to break down the grounds for refusal of a UK immigration application under Part 9 of the Immigration Rules. Understanding these grounds is crucial for […]

Judicial Review Solicitors | A Complete Guide

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Table Of Contents Grasping the Basics of Judicial Review. How Primus Solicitors Can Help You Apply for a Judicial Review? Can I Start a Judicial Review? Navigating the Judicial Review Process: Timing and Limits. Exploring the Scope: Public Bodies Under Judicial Review. Grounds for Challenge: Understanding the Legal Basis. Illegality: Beyond the Boundaries of Authority. […]

Home Office Application Delays | Pre-Action Protocol 2023/24


Delays in Your Home Office Application: Understanding Pre-Action Protocols for Home Office Delays The Pre-Action Protocol outline stipulates that a response to the Letter Before Claim must be provided within a 14-day time period. If this deadline is not met without a justifiable explanation, the applicant will be allowed to pursue via a PAP Letter. […]

Immigration Appeal | Dispute A Home Office decision 2023/24

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Key Takeaways Table Section Key Takeaways Introduction Understanding the nuances of immigration appeals is essential for navigating through the process. Understanding Immigration Appeals Appeals offer a chance to overturn visa or residency application refusals. Reasons Behind Visa Refusals Common reasons include missing documents and misunderstandings of eligibility criteria. The Appeal Process: A Step-by-Step Guide Navigating […]