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Skilled Worker Dependants New Rules In 2024 Explained

skilled worker dependants ban

March 11th Changes for Skilled Worker Dependents The UK Skilled Worker Visa has been a key immigration route into the UK as per the country’s immigration policy. It enables skilled overseas workers to contribute to the British economy and society by legally working in the United Kingdom. As of March 11th 2024, the new rules […]

UK Skilled Worker & Family Visas Implementation Timeline 2024


Recent & Yet To Be Implemented Immigration Rule Changes Timeline 2024 2024 is bringing significant changes to the UK immigration rules affecting skilled workers, family visas, and employer sponsorships. Key Dates For UK Immigration Changes 2024 Date of Change  Description January 1, 2024 Amendments to UK Student Visa regulations now prohibit the majority of international […]

Grounds for Refusal of a UK Immigration Application 2024 Explained

grounds for refusal

Introduction At Primus Solicitors, with our expertise in UK immigration law, we can guide you through the intricate aspects of any UK Visa application process. In this article we aim to break down the grounds for refusal of a UK immigration application under Part 9 of the Immigration Rules. Understanding these grounds is crucial for […]

UK’s Shortage Occupation List 2024

shortage occupation list

Introduction In 2024, the UK’s Shortage Occupation List (SOL) remains a critical tool for employers and visa applicants alike. This list, integral to the UK’s immigration system, outlines specific jobs where the demand for skilled workers exceeds the local supply. Recent updates and the impending changes planned for the SOL make it a subject of […]

Immigration Spring Rules 2024 | Latest UK Policies Explained

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UK 2024 Spouse, Skilled Worker, PSW, & Visit Visa Rule Changes In early December 2023, Home Secretary James Cleverly unveiled a pivotal “five-point plan“, signalling drastic changes to the UK’s immigration rules. The minimum income threshold for family visas will gradually increase in increments, beginning at £29,000 as of April 11th, rising to £34,500, then […]

New 2024 UK Visit Visa Rules | Work in the UK Without A Work Permit

visit visa new 2024 rules

Introduction The United Kingdom’s immigration landscape is constantly evolving, and with the new, proposed 2024 UK visit visa rules potentially coming into effect, it’s crucial for potential visitors, business travellers, and legal professionals to stay informed. This guide provides an up-to-date overview of the significant changes and what they mean for you. Key Changes in […]