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The United Kingdom’s immigration landscape is constantly evolving, and with the new, proposed 2024 UK visit visa rules potentially coming into effect, it’s crucial for potential visitors, business travellers, and legal professionals to stay informed. This guide provides an up-to-date overview of the significant changes and what they mean for you.

Key Changes in 2024 UK Visit Visa Rules

The UK government has introduced several key amendments to the visit visa rules effective from 31 January 2024. These changes are aimed at facilitating business and research activities, while also adapting to modern work trends like remote working.



Visa Rule Changes Significant amendments to 2024 UK visit visa regulations.
Intra-Corporate Activities Foreign employees can engage with UK clients.
Remote Working Permitted, but not the primary purpose of the visit.
Aviation & Legal Professionals Expanded opportunities and scope in respective fields.
Scientists & Academics Engage in broader research projects during UK visits.
Paid Engagements for Speakers Conference speakers now allowed remuneration.
Visitor Route Consolidation Simplified visa process for paid activities.
Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS) Enhancements in YMS program, including Uruguay inclusion.
Increased Quotas for Japan & S. Korea More slots and expanded age range for applicants.

Intra-Corporate Activities and Remote Working

  • Intra-Corporate Activities: A major shift is the allowance for individuals employed abroad to engage directly with clients in the UK. This includes consulting, training, and sharing skills, provided these activities are incidental to the visitor’s employment abroad.
  • Remote Working Permission: Visitors can now engage in remote work related to their overseas employment during their UK stay, as long as it’s not the primary purpose of their visit.

Expanding Opportunities in the Aviation and Legal Fields

  • Aviation Industry Adjustments: Flight crew members can now enter the UK under approved wet lease arrangements between March and October, streamlining previous concessions.
  • Legal Professionals’ Expanded Scope: Legal professionals have more flexibility in their permitted activities, including advising, arbitration, and litigation services.

Enhancements for Scientists, Researchers, and Academics Visiting the UK.

Researchers and academics visiting the UK can now participate in research projects beyond their individual purposes, expanding the scope of their professional activities during their stay.

Paid Engagements and Consolidation of Visitor Routes

  • Paid Engagements: Conference speakers are now allowed remuneration for their participation, marking a significant change in the policy.
  • Visitor Route Consolidation: The Permitted Paid Engagement visitor route is merged into the Standard Visitor route, simplifying the visa process for those engaging in paid activities.
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Changes to the Youth Mobility Scheme

The Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS), a pivotal program for cultural and professional exchange, has undergone significant enhancements in 2024, reflecting the UK’s evolving immigration policy.

Uruguay Inclusion

  • Expansion of Eligibility: Uruguay’s addition to the YMS opens doors for up to 500 Uruguayan citizens annually, offering a unique opportunity for cultural and professional exchange.
  • Application Process: Uruguayan applicants must meet the standard YMS criteria, including age and financial requirements, to explore work and travel opportunities in the UK.

Increased Allocations for Japan and South Korea

  • Japan and South Korea Quota Increase: The scheme now allows for 6,000 Japanese and 5,000 South Korean participants each year, significantly increasing cultural and professional exchange opportunities.
  • Age Limit Adjustment for South Koreans: The age range for South Korean applicants is now expanded to 18-35 years, offering a wider demographic the chance to experience life in the UK.

How to Comply with New Rules Visit Visa Rules

To comply with the 2024 UK visit visa rules effectively:
  1. Identify Relevant Changes: Pinpoint which specific rule changes apply to your visit’s purpose, whether it’s for business, tourism, or academic research.
  2. Activity Alignment: Ensure that your planned activities in the UK align with the updated visa guidelines, particularly in areas like remote working, intra-corporate projects, and legal services.
  3. Document Preparation: Compile and prepare documentation that substantiates your visit’s purpose and demonstrates compliance with the new rules. This may include employment letters, invitations for conferences, or proof of ongoing projects abroad.

FAQs on 2024 UK Visit Visa Rules

Q: What are the conditions for remote working on a UK visit visa?

A: Remote working is permitted under the new rules, but it must not be the primary reason for your visit to the UK. This means that while visitors can continue their work for an overseas employer, the main purpose of their stay should be tourism, visiting family, or another non-work-related activity. Additionally, the work done remotely should be related to the visitor’s overseas employment.

Q: How do the new rules affect flight crew members?

A: The 2024 changes positively impact flight crew members, allowing them to enter the UK under wet lease arrangements approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. This provision is primarily available between March and October and is designed to streamline the process for aviation professionals working with UK airlines on temporary assignments.

Q: Can legal professionals provide services under the new visit visa rules?

A: Yes, the new rules significantly broaden the scope for legal professionals visiting the UK. They can now engage in a variety of legal services, including advice, representation in arbitrations, acting as a mediator, and participating in legal conferences or educational events. This change acknowledges the global nature of legal work and facilitates cross-border legal collaboration.

Q: Are there any changes to the research activities allowed under the visit visa?

A: Absolutely, the new rules expand the scope for scientists, researchers, and academics. They can now engage in research activities directly related to their employment abroad, rather than being restricted to independent research. This opens up opportunities for collaborative projects with UK-based institutions and enhances the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Q: What changes have been made to the Permitted Paid Engagements for visitors?

A: One of the notable changes is the inclusion of conference speaking as a Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE). Visitors can now be remunerated for participating as speakers at conferences. Furthermore, the Permitted Paid Engagement visitor route has been merged into the Standard Visitor route, simplifying the process for those engaging in paid activities. However, these engagements must be pre-arranged and completed within 30 days of arrival in the UK.



Navigating the updated 2024 UK visit visa rules requires a clear understanding of the changes and their implications. By aligning activities with the new guidelines and preparing the necessary documentation, visitors can ensure a compliant and enjoyable UK experience. For in-depth guidance and support, refer to our UK Visit Visas page.

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