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Non-Molestation & Occupation Orders.

Non-Molestation Orders.

Occupation Orders.

When to Apply for a Non-Molestation Order.

Non-Molestation Order Expiry.

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Non-Molestation & Occupation Orders


Non-Molestation Orders

A non-molestation order is a court order that prevents a partner or family member from harassing, assaulting, or interfering with you or your children. The order can also extend to cover anyone whom the perpetrator of violence instructs to harass, pester, or be violent towards you or your children. Primus Solicitors can provide specialist advice and assistance to help you obtain your desired order and live your life in peace, without fear and intimidation.


Occupation Orders

Occupation orders are court orders that decide who should carry on living in the home in the short term after there has been violence or harassment. At Primus Solicitors, we can provide expert guidance on obtaining an occupation order to protect you and your children from a violent partner, ex-partner, or family member.


When to Apply for a Non-Molestation Order

It is important to apply for this specific order as soon as possible to prevent abuse from escalating. Children who witness domestic abuse are at risk of emotional trauma, and they need to be protected at the earliest opportunity.


Non-Molestation Order Expiry

These type of orders are granted for a specific time period, typically 12 months, although shorter and longer periods can be granted. If you require further legal protection towards the end of the order, you can request an extension. If the order expires, a fresh application will need to be made.


Why Choose Primus Solicitors for Family Law Matters?

Primus Solicitors is an experienced family law firm with a highly skilled team of family lawyers who are dedicated to protecting your best interests. Our expert negotiators can help you find a solution that suits everyone, keeping disputes out of court where possible. If your case goes to court, we will be with you every step of the way and have experience in taking cases all the way to the Supreme Court if needed.


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