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Surgical Negligence

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Surgical Negligence Compensation Claims, Manchester.

Eligibility for Surgical Negligence Claims.

Types of Surgical malpractice/ Negligence.

Making a Claim for Surgical Negligence Compensation.

Average Payout for Surgical injuries Claims.

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Surgical Negligence Compensation Claims, Manchester

If you have suffered injuries due to surgical negligence, our team of medical negligence experts at Primus Solicitors can help you make a claim for compensation. Our no-win no fee medical negligence solicitors in Manchester have the expertise and experience to handle your case with sensitivity and professionalism.


Eligibility for Surgical Negligence Claims

To be eligible for a surgical malpractice injury claim, we need to establish that the medical professional responsible for your care breached their duty of care, and their level of care fell below the required standards. As a result, you suffered worsened injuries due to their negligence. Our clinical negligence solicitors will work with you to gather evidence and establish the eligibility of your claim.


Types of Surgical injuries due to Negligence

Surgical negligence can occur during or after surgery. Examples of surgical negligence include:

  • Damage to vital organs such as the heart, lungs, or bowel
  • Surgery performed on the wrong site or patient.
  • Inadequate closing of the surgical site
  • Nerve or tissue damage during surgery
  • Surgical objects or foreign bodies left inside the body.
  • Incorrect administration of anaesthetic
  • Improper sterilisation of surgical objects and instruments
  • Failure to notice infections, organ problems, or obstructions.


Making a Claim for Surgical injury Compensation

If you have suffered injuries due to surgical malpractice, contact our specialist medical negligence solicitors in Manchester. We will assess the merits of your claim and advise you on the legal process. Our team will work with you to gather evidence such as photographs of your injuries, witness statements, and medical reports. We will also help you calculate your financial losses, including loss of earnings, medical expenses, and travel expenses.


Average Payout for Surgical Negligence Claims

The compensation for surgical malpractice/ negligence claims is dependent on the severity of your injuries. The compensation may include general damages for pain and suffering and loss of amenities and special damages for financial losses such as loss of earnings, medical expenses, and travel expenses. Our medical negligence solicitors will advise you on the expected compensation for your claim.


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Hire our specialist immigration lawyer to help you through this process and ensure a successful outcome for your surgical negligence claims application. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your personal injury matter.