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Can Skilled Workers Take On Additional Work In 2024?

skilled worker additional work

Can You Take On Additional Work As A Skilled Worker: Insights and Guidance The conditions of a Skilled Worker Visa can be very intricate, especially when it comes to understanding the limitations and allowances related to additional work. It’s crucial for visa holders to grasp the specific criteria that govern their ability to engage in […]

Spouse Visa Financial Requirement & Application Guide | 2024 UK Immigration

spouse visa financial requirements

The UK spouse visa, also known as the UK partner and spouse visa, is categorised under UK family visas and allows qualified foreign nationals to reside in the UK as long as they are a spouse of a British citizen or an individual settled in the UK. Recently this visa category has increased in popularity due […]

Sponsor Licence Renewal Abolishment | 2024 UK Immigration

Sponsor Licence Renewal abolished

Sponsor Licence Renewals Home Office has recently announced that From April 6th 2024 the sponsor licence renewal requirement will be abolished. Sponsor licence renewals have been a staple in the UK’s immigration system as they mandate businesses to periodically renew their ability to sponsor international labour. This process ensures that businesses continue to meet the Home Office’s stringent […]

2024 New UK Immigration Rules | UK Immigration

immigration rules

New UK Immigration Rules in 2024 There are significant changes to the UK immigration system in 2024, affecting various visa categories including Skilled Worker, Spouse, Student, and Visitor visas. Its important for immigrants, employers, and anyone involved in the UK’s immigration process to understand these adjustments and the new immigration rules. In this article we aim […]

How Much Does British Citizenship Cost? | 2024 UK Immigration

British citizenship fees

British Citizenship Fess 2024 When considering applying for British citizenship, it’s essential to understand not just the benefits but also the financial commitments involved. The process to acquire UK citizenship involves various fees, dependent on the specific path you choose. The most common route is through naturalisation, which has seen recent changes in its cost […]

UK Self-Sponsorship Skilled Worker Visa

self-sponsorship visa

UK Self-Sponsorship Skilled Worker Visa | 2024 UK Immigration Advice Starting a business in the UK as a non-citizen involves complex immigration rules and business regulations. The Self Sponsorship Visa UK can be a viable solution as it can allow an applicant to mitigate the need for traditional employer sponsorship. This visa route offers the […]

Indefinite Leave To Remain Solicitors | UK Lawyers 2024

indefinite leave to remain solicitors

Indefinite Leave To Remain Solicitors   Key Takeaways Table Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR): ILR is a milestone for non-UK nationals seeking permanent residency, offering freedom from immigration restrictions and access to benefits. Eligibility Criteria: Varied criteria include residency length, passing tests, and fulfilling language requirements. Professional assistance is beneficial. Application Process: Involves online submission, […]

UK Skilled Worker Visa 2024 | Primus Solicitors

skilled worker visa

UK Skilled Worker Visa Solicitors Key Takeaways Summary Skilled Worker Visa Required for non-EEA nationals and post-Brexit EU citizens. Employer Sponsorship Necessary for hiring international skilled workers. Certificate of Sponsorship Essential proof of genuine job offer. Salary Threshold Minimum salary requirements vary by occupation. Additional Requirements Financial proof, criminal record checks, RLMT under some circumstances. […]

UK Spouse Visa Refusals Explained | 2024 Immigration Advice

spouse visa refusal

Introduction The UK government’s decision to increase the minimum income requirement for a Spouse Visa to £29,000, with plans for further increase it’s rates to £34,500 and eventually £38,700, has introduced new challenges for spouses aiming to live together in the UK. This change, effective from the 11th of April 2024, is expected to affect […]

Overseas Domestic Worker Visa | Explained 2024

Domestic Worker

Introduction The Overseas Domestic Worker Visa is a crucial gateway for individuals aiming to enter the UK to work in domestic roles such as cleaners, chauffeurs, cooks, personal care for the employer and their family, and nannies. This visa is tailored specifically for domestic workers who are accompanying their employer to the UK. The benefits […]