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How To Claim an Accident at Work? | A Complete Legal Guide

Some Accident at Work Claims We Can Help With   Manual Handling Claims Defective Equipment Claims Industrial Deafness Claims Construction Accident Claims Scaffolding Accident Claims Factory & Warehouse Accidents Forklift Truck Accident Claims Struck by a Moving Object Assaulted at Work Claims Needlestick Injury Claims Skin Injury Claims Military Injury Claims Farm Accident Claims Introduction […]

New UK Immigration Salary List 2024 | A Full Legal Guide

immigration salary list

UK Immigration Salary List 2024 The UK’s Skilled Worker route has had significant updates as of December 2023, with the aim of streamlining the process for employers and potential immigrants coming to the UK on the Skilled Worker Route. This route is specifically designed to facilitate the employment of non-UK residents in job roles where […]

Skilled Worker Dependants New Rules In 2024 Explained

skilled worker dependants ban

March 11th Changes for Skilled Worker Dependents The UK Skilled Worker Visa has been a key immigration route into the UK as per the country’s immigration policy. It enables skilled overseas workers to contribute to the British economy and society by legally working in the United Kingdom. As of March 11th 2024, the new rules […]

Deportation Solicitors Manchester | Call 0161 222 5860 Today

deportation solicitors Manchester

Deportation Solicitors Manchester | Call 0161 222 5860 Today!   Key Takeaways Key Point Description Expert Legal Support Access to experienced deportation solicitors in Manchester. Comprehensive Services Guidance through the entire deportation process. Personalised Assistance Tailored legal solutions to fit individual cases.   Have you been issued with a deportation notice, or detained for an […]

Grounds for Refusal of a UK Immigration Application 2024 Explained

grounds for refusal

Introduction At Primus Solicitors, with our expertise in UK immigration law, we can guide you through the intricate aspects of any UK Visa application process. In this article we aim to break down the grounds for refusal of a UK immigration application under Part 9 of the Immigration Rules. Understanding these grounds is crucial for […]

2024 (IHS) Immigration Health Surcharge Increase

IHS fee increase

Introduction The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is a critical component of the UK immigration process, necessitating most visa applicants to contribute to the National Health Service (NHS). The Immigration Health Surcharge is due to increase on the 31st of January 2024.   Increased IHS Rates Explained Under the Immigration (Health Charge) (Amendment) Order 2023, the main […]