Genuineness Requirement For UK Visa Applications 2024

Genuineness Requirement


In the process of applying for a UK visa, the genuineness requirement obligation is a key requirement that must be met by all applicants, as it ensures that only sincere and legitimate applications are considered. This key requirement acts as a safeguard against fraudulent or misleading applications to enter the UK, upholding the integrity of the UK’s immigration system. In this article, we aim to break down the nuances of this requirement across various visa categories, including Skilled Worker, Visitor, and Spouse visas, providing essential guide for applications.


Skilled Worker Visa Genuine Vacancy Requirement

A core aspect of the Skilled Worker visa is the ‘genuine vacancy’ requirement, which is a policy instituted by the Home Office to verify the legitimacy of employment offers. This leads to a thorough assessment to confirm that the job offer is authentic, necessary, and not designed solely for immigration purposes. The Home Office will scrutinises factors such as the nature of the job, employer’s history, and the necessity of the role within the organisation, ensuring that each vacancy aligns with genuine business needs.

Genuine Candidate Requirement

In August 2023, the Skilled Worker visa application process saw the introduction of a ‘genuine candidate’ requirement, adding another layer of scrutiny.

This new criterion consists of three main components:

  1. Capability to Perform the Role: All applicants must convincingly demonstrate their qualifications, experience, and skills to fulfil their specific job responsibilities.
  2. Genuine Intention to Do the Sponsored Role: It is crucial to establish a clear intention to undertake the role offered and not to use the job offer as away to enter and/ or staying in the UK.
  3. No Intention for Unauthorised Employment: Applicants must show no inclination towards engaging in work outside the limitations of their visa.

The Home Office evaluates these criteria in various ways, including reviewing the applicant’s employment history, and qualifications, and potentially through additional checks or interviews.

Genuineness Requirement for Other Visa Types

Visitor Visa Genuineness

For those applying for a Visitor visa, the genuineness requirement is critical. The Home Office closely examines the applicant’s intentions, ensuring that they are visiting the UK for permissible activities such as tourism, business, or family visits. Importantly, visitors must not engage in prohibited activities, such as employment or long-term studies, during their stay.

Another critical aspect of this requirement is the visitor’s obligation to leave the UK at the end of their visit. Applicants must convincingly demonstrate a ‘genuine intent to depart’, including having sufficient funds for onward travel. This aspect is very strictly assessed to prevent overstaying and ensure the visa’s terms and conditions are upheld.

Spouse Visa Genuineness Requirement

When it comes to Spouse visas, the Home Office’s primary concern is the authenticity of the relationship. Applicants must prove their relationship is ‘genuine and subsisting’. This involves demonstrating a real and ongoing partnership, as opposed to one formed solely for immigration benefits.

The Genuineness Requirement assessment considers several factors, such as the duration of the relationship, communication between partners, joint activities, and plans for the future. The Home Office may also refer to the ‘relationship with a partner’ guidance for more detailed criteria. Strong, convincing evidence of the relationship’s authenticity is crucial for the approval of a Spouse visa.



Understanding the genuineness requirement is a key aspect for any UK visa application. Whether you’re a skilled worker, a visitor, or applying for a Spouse visa, demonstrating genuine intentions and meeting the specific criteria of each visa type is paramount. In cases where a visa application is refused due to failing the Genuineness Requirement test, seeking professional legal advice form our Immigration Experts at Primus Solicitors  is advisable in order to properly assess your legal options and the complexities of immigration law effectively.

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