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2024 New UK Immigration Rules | UK Immigration

immigration rules

New UK Immigration Rules in 2024 There are significant changes to the UK immigration system in 2024, affecting various visa categories including Skilled Worker, Spouse, Student, and Visitor visas. Its important for immigrants, employers, and anyone involved in the UK’s immigration process to understand these adjustments and the new immigration rules. In this article we aim […]

Exemptions to 2024 UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirements

exemptions for spouse visa financial requirements

Spouse Visa Exemptions for 2024 Minimum Financial Requirement Increase Exemptions to the new Spouse Visa financial requirements are only given if either the applicant or their UK sponsor receives any of the below benefits:  Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Disability Living Allowance Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit   Spouse Visa Financial Requirement 2024 New Minimum Income Thresholds: […]

Genuineness Requirement For UK Visa Applications 2024

Genuineness Requirement

Introduction In the process of applying for a UK visa, the genuineness requirement obligation is a key requirement that must be met by all applicants, as it ensures that only sincere and legitimate applications are considered. This key requirement acts as a safeguard against fraudulent or misleading applications to enter the UK, upholding the integrity […]

Apply for ILR As a Spouse (5&10-Year Routes) | Primus Solicitors

ILR as a spouse

Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILR) As a Spouse Introduction to ILR as a Spouse After holding a spouse or civil partner visa in the UK for a 5 year period, individuals may become eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).  Eligibility for ILR under the spouse visa category is dependent  on the applicant […]

UK Spouse Visa Solicitors Manchester | UK Legal Advice 2024

uk spouse visa solicitors

UK Spouse & Family Visa Solicitors In Manchester  UK spouse visa applications can be a daunting task for applicants to tackle alone. At Primus Solicitors, our family based immigration and spouse visa solicitors specialise in providing expert immigration advice to our clients and guide them through the complex process. Understanding UK immigration law and the […]