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2024 New UK Immigration Rules | UK Immigration

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New UK Immigration Rules in 2024 There are significant changes to the UK immigration system in 2024, affecting various visa categories including Skilled Worker, Spouse, Student, and Visitor visas. Its important for immigrants, employers, and anyone involved in the UK’s immigration process to understand these adjustments and the new immigration rules. In this article we aim […]

How To Switch From A Student Visa To A Skilled Worker (2024)

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Switch From A UK Student Visa To A Skilled Worker The Skilled Worker Visa is the main route for skilled individuals looking to immigrate to into the UK, particularly for those transitioning from a Student Visa. As we begin 2024, it’s key for applicants to understand the details of the transition from a student visa […]

Can I Switch Into a UK Student or Work Visa from a Visit Visa?

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Introduction At Primus Solicitors we understand the complexities of UK immigration laws and the challenges faced by individuals on Visitor visas who aspire to extend their stay for work or study. In this article we aim to provide clarity and guidance on the possibilities and limitations of converting a Visitor visa into a Student or […]

Secure Your Student Visa Today : Study in the UK with Ease | Apply Now!

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Table of Contents Student Visa for the UK: Requirements, Applications and Services. Who Can Apply for a Student Visa? What Are the Requirements for a UK Student Visa? What Documents Are Required for a UK Student Visa? Services Offered by Primus Solicitors. Admission Offer Letter. Maintenance Requirement for Student Visa UK. Get in Touch with […]