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New UK Immigration Rules in 2024

There are significant changes to the UK immigration system in 2024, affecting various visa categories including Skilled Worker, Spouse, Student, and Visitor visas. Its important for immigrants, employers, and anyone involved in the UK’s immigration process to understand these adjustments and the new immigration rules.

In this article we aim to explain the major changes that have been and will be implemented this year.

Major Visa Changes Takeaways Table

Visa Type Major Change Effective Date
Skilled Worker Visas Increase in minimum salary requirement to £38,700 April 4, 2024
Spouse Visas Increase in income requirement to £29,000 April 11, 2024
Student Visas Restrictions on bringing dependents to the UK January 1, 2024
Visitor Visas Expanded permitted Paid activities List December 7, 2023



Changes to Skilled Worker Visa

The Skilled Worker Visa category will see a significant increase in the minimum salary requirement from £26,200 to £38,700 annually, starting on April 4, 2024. However, this change exempts healthcare workers, such as doctors and nurses, aligning the salary threshold with the median wage for eligible skilled roles. Furthermore, there is a 30% salary reduction for new entrants to the job market remains in place, benefiting those under 26 and post-doctoral researchers. For current Skilled Worker visa holders, the new salary threshold will not apply to extensions or changes in employment within the visa category.

For Businesses and Individuals

  • Businesses should adjust their hiring plans to meet the new salary requirements for skilled workers.
  • Individuals applying for a Skilled Worker visa should review the new requirements and plan accordingly, especially if they are new entrants or applying for extensions on their current skilled worker visa.

Changes to The UK Spouse Visa

From April 11, 2024, the income requirement for first-time Spouse Visa applicants will rise to £29,000, with anticipated increases to £34,500 and £38,700 in the future. Applicants can still meet the financial requirement through savings, specifically £62,500. Importantly, these increases will not affect those already on a Spouse/Family Visa route to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or those holding a fiancé visa prior to the changes.

Financial Planning for Families

  • Spouses and couples should evaluate their finances, and assess whether they meet the minimum income requirement for the Spouse Visa application under the new immigration rules, considering both income and savings.
  • Future applicants need to be aware of the new financial requirements and plan their applications accounting for the updates policies.

Changes to Student Visa

Starting January 1, 2024, the UK restricted international students from bringing their dependents, unless they are enrolled in PhD or research-based higher degree programs. This change to the immigration rules aims to focus on those contributing significantly to research and academia. The Graduate Visa (Post-Study Work) currently remains under review, with the intention of preserving the integrity of the UK’s higher education system.

Advice for International Students

  • Prospective students with families should consider their inability to bring dependents under the new rules, and how that could affect their future in the UK.
  • Current students should stay informed about the Graduate Visa review and its potential implications on their future.

Changes to The Standard UK Visitor Visa

The Visitor Visa category has been updated to allow a broader range of activities, including client work and remote work, effective from December 7, 2023. This includes the removal of restrictions on working directly with UK clients as part of intra-corporate activities and allows visitors to undertake permitted paid engagements without a specific visa, provided these are organised before arrival and completed within 30 days.

Opportunities for Visitors Under The New Immigration Rules

  • Business visitors can now engage more freely in client-facing activities whilst visiting the UK.
  • Remote workers visiting the UK have the flexibility to continue their work, provided it is not the primary purpose of their visit, and they still meet all the other Visit Visa requirements

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The new UK immigration rules in 2024 introduced significant changes across several visa categories, impacting both individuals and businesses. By understanding these changes, applicants can better prepare for the complexities of the UK immigration system. 

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