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British citizenship fees

British Citizenship Fess 2024

When considering applying for British citizenship, it’s essential to understand not just the benefits but also the financial commitments involved. The process to acquire UK citizenship involves various fees, dependent on the specific path you choose.

The most common route is through naturalisation, which has seen recent changes in its cost structure. In this article we will break down these costs, providing a clear outline of what to expect when planning for your application.

Key Takeaways


Detailed Fee Breakdown A comprehensive overview of the latest application fees for obtaining British citizenship.
Insight on Fee Changes An analysis of the recent adjustments in costs for different categories of applicants.
Financial Planning Tips Strategies for managing your budget throughout the citizenship application process.


British Citizenship Fee Structure

Below is a table outlining the updated fees for various application types as of January 2024. This table details the costs involved in applying for UK citizenship, including naturalisation and registration fees for both adults and children.

Application Type

Application Fee

Naturalisation (British citizenship) £1,500
Naturalisation for British overseas territory citizens £1,000
Nationality registration as a British citizen – adult £1,351
Nationality registration as a British citizen – child £1,214
Citizenship ceremony £80
Registration for British overseas territory citizens, overseas citizens, Subjects, protected persons – adult £901
Registration for the same categories – child £810


Additional Costs You May Need to Consider For British Citizenship

Apart from the application fees, there are other expenses that applicants need to prepare for. These include, but are not limited to, the cost of legal advice, English language tests, and the Life in the UK test. It’s important to budget for these additional costs to avoid any surprises during the application process.


Primus Solicitors Citizenship Fees

At Primus Solicitors we offer a range of legal services related to British citizenship applications. We aim to make our services affordable, transparent, and accessible to all our clients, including fixed fees and hourly rates based on the complexity of the case and the seniority of the legal professional handling it. If You are in need of professional UK Citizenship legal advice for naturalisation,  citizenship by decent, Registering a  Child as British, EEA family member applications, and more, Don’t Hesitate To Contact Primus Solicitors Today! Or Visit Our Fees Page for more information.


Primus Solicitors FAQ’s On British Citizenship

Q: Can I apply for a fee waiver or reduction?

A: Fee waivers are available in certain circumstances, such as for children or stateless persons applying under specific categories. Check the official government website for eligibility criteria.

Q: How often do citizenship fees change?

A: Fees can be updated annually. It’s important to consult the official government website for the most current fee structure before applying.

Q: What happens if I can’t afford the Citizenship fees?

A: If you’re facing financial difficulties we offer British Citizenship Fee Waiver ServicesFurthermore, at Primus we offer or clients flexible payment plans, such as paying in instalments 


UK citizenship is not only a significant commitment of time and effort but also a financial one. By understanding the full variety of the costs involved, from application fees to additional expenses, and employing effective budgeting strategies, you can effectively plan for this process with confidence.

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