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Rules for Illegal Immigrants | 2024 Immigration

illegal immigrants

Introduction At Primus Solicitors, we’re aware of the challenges faced by individuals categorised as illegal immigrants. In this guide we aim to break down the legal area of immigration and provide clear, comprehensive insights into immigration laws, rights, and the potential consequences of their status.   Understanding Legal Status and Immigration Laws The term ‘illegal […]

UK Overstayer Explained (Visa Expiry Rules 2024)

UK Overstayer

Understanding UK Overstayer Status Overstaying in the UK, defined by the UK Government as remaining in the country after your visa or permission from the Home Office has expired, it is a serious legal concern for anyone who is deemed to be an ‘Overstayer’. It can significantly impact your immigration record and future UK applications. […]

Understanding UK Deportation Notices | Immigration Guidance

UK deportation

Introduction to UK Deportation Deportation from the UK involves intricate legal procedures and significant implications for individuals and their families. Understanding the nuances of the UK’s deportation laws is vital, especially in a landscape constantly shaped by political and social changes. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the complexities surrounding UK deportation, offering clear insights […]