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UK Overstayer Explained (Visa Expiry Rules 2024)

UK Overstayer

Understanding UK Overstayer Status Overstaying in the UK, defined by the UK Government as remaining in the country after your visa or permission from the Home Office has expired, it is a serious legal concern for anyone who is deemed to be an ‘Overstayer’. It can significantly impact your immigration record and future UK applications. […]

UK Spouse Visa Guide | Understanding The 10-Year Route

spouse 10 year visual

Key Takeaways Table  Aspect Details Route Flexibility Option to switch to 5-Year route Eligibility Criteria Broader and more flexible than 5-Year route Application Process Detailed guidance on each step Renewal & ILR Regular renewal, leads to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) Legal Support Tailored guidance and support from our expert team What Is the 10-Year […]